The pros and cons of fracking:

Pros: there’s money in it.

Cons: everything else.

Fracking contaminates vast areas with millions of gallons of toxic liquids.
These liquids can migrate over time to contaminate even larger and unpredictable areas of the earth.It cannot be called back or withdrawn. The toxic contamination is forever.

Here are some facts about fracking. This is not opinion or conjecture, but just some facts. Continue reading


Ahhh! Peaceful, beautiful sleep. A blessing if you have it, a curse if you do not.

I was not sleeping well and waking up tired. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, endured a sleep study and got a CPAP machine. Scary at first, but now I love the thing. I sleep so well with it . . . BUT!

Always a but, huh? Well, here’s mine. I shed all of my cares and worries and got to a place where I can do as I please, almost. I started waking up after about four hours, give or take. Continue reading


Healing Diet

I was near death and could not walk more than a few steps, even with a walker. After some serious surgeries I am recovering. Proper diet and exercise continue to be the doctor recommended approach to wellness. There are other things to consider, but here is some information about my diet. I have benefited from this beyond my expectations. In the past six months I have lost 41 pounds. I can rapidly walk 1/2  mile (under ten minutes) before I stop to rest or catch my breath. Before I could not walk 100 feet. I continue to improve and I feel good.

This article is about a part of my diet and how to make it happen. I read and researched for Continue reading

I Caused Flood Damage

Last month I wrote a check to my landlord for $760.00.
It was for cleanup of flood/water damage.
Replace your washing machine hoses every three to five years.
It costs way less than $760.00.

Check your homeowners/rental insurance policy. If you call your insurance company and ask a question about coverage they will probably count that as a claim. They might even cancel your policy just because you inquired about the coverage.

I had driven to Raleigh to have lunch with a friend. It is a one hour drive.
I had not seen this man for forty years. We went to college together.
He married my cousin. He came to the U.S. from Chile to bury her.
May she rest in peace. We talked and ate and drank. I was gone about four hours. Continue reading