Healing Diet

I was near death and could not walk more than a few steps, even with a walker. After some serious surgeries I am recovering. Proper diet and exercise continue to be the doctor recommended approach to wellness. There are other things to consider, but here is some information about my diet. I have benefited from this beyond my expectations. In the past six months I have lost 41 pounds. I can rapidly walk 1/2  mile (under ten minutes) before I stop to rest or catch my breath. Before I could not walk 100 feet. I continue to improve and I feel good.

This article is about a part of my diet and how to make it happen. I read and researched for
months. Here is a list of some important things I should eat every day. It is a daunting list. It
would require a lot of chewing. I do not chew well. I have some dental issues. Also, I tend to aspirate food if I chew too long. That is a scary situation when it occurs, and it is not fun at all. This solved that problem for me too. The end result is a smoothie that you can keep in the fridge. Mine lasts a week. I do this once a week. If it ever gets a bit “iffy” then I throw it out. Mine keeps quite well for a week.

Getting right to the meat of the issue, or vegetable as it were, here is the list:
Broccoli, two bunches*
Asparagus, bunch*
Green leafy something, bunch:

  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Herbal Greens
  • Opportunistic other greens

Carrots, bunch*
Chili peppers, five Serranos or three Jalapenos*
1/4cup shelled walnuts
Garlic, lots of garlic but to suit your taste
Onion, one medium
1/4 cup Shitake mushrooms, raw
1 quart of organic, fat-free yogurt.
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 teaspoon canning salt or Kosher salt

*These vegetables I blanch before I prepare them. By blanch I mean three to five seconds in boiling water, no more time than that. I use a giant strainer to dip and remove. I have made this without blanching. It was fine, but I think the blanching enhances the flavor and
freshness. I use organic vegetables whenever I can. I use organic Stonyfield farm yogurt. I pull off the chili stem caps before blanching. After blanching I cut the chili peppers open lengthwise and strip out the veins and seeds because I am not making hot salsa. Trim the veggies any way you choose. Obviously trim and discard the woody bottoms of the asparagus and broccoli. If I use Kale I strip the leafy part from the stem part. I rinse everything thoroughly under a strong stream of water or the vegetable sprayer. I final rinse with water from my filtered source. Then I shake everything to dry as much as is practical.

I used a stick blender but it caught on fire trying to do a batch of this. It was too much for the Oster stick. Now I use a conventional blender.

I throw portions of these ingredients into the blender with a cup of yogurt. When it is reduced to smoothie status I dump the blender into a large mixing bowl. I repeat this process until all of the ingredients are used. Then I stir everything in the bowl until it is uniform. In this way I don’t need to worry if each blender batch is equal because it all gets together in the bowl. Next, I use a canning funnel and 16 ounce jars with sealing lids. For me it takes four or five of these jars to hold it all. I put the smoothie into these jars, screw on the lids and refrigerate. I use jars from Smuckers All Natural Peanut Butter. I love good peanut butter.

Every day I eat eight to ten ounces of the smoothie. Depending on consistency you can drink it like a thick milkshake or you can eat it with a spoon like a thick milkshake. I think it tastes great. This amount is equivalent to a large salad, it is missing only the spaces. I make sure I drink a glass of water before I consume a smoothie like this and a glass of
water shortly after. The water will “keep things moving” if you know what I mean. Water is good for me in many other ways.

I have more to say about diet. I will do that in future articles. I also will post some information about water and about food choices.