The pros and cons of fracking:

Pros: there’s money in it.

Cons: everything else.

Fracking contaminates vast areas with millions of gallons of toxic liquids.
These liquids can migrate over time to contaminate even larger and unpredictable areas of the earth.It cannot be called back or withdrawn. The toxic contamination is forever.

Here are some facts about fracking. This is not opinion or conjecture, but just some facts.

Fracking, a term used for horizontal hydraulic fracturing, is used to extract oil and natural gas from shale. The hazards are life threatening and forever. Any arguments to the contrary will not stand when scrutinized.

Fracking contaminates vast areas with millions of gallons of toxic liquids. Farms and forests can be destroyed even with controls and regulations in place. The water can be contaminated making it unfit for humans or animals. The land can also be contaminated making it unusable for crops or animals. Look at places in New York, Pennsylvania and some western states.

The toxic contamination is forever. It cannot be called back or withdrawn. These liquids migrate over time to contaminate even larger and unpredictable areas of the earth.This process saturates large underground areas with highly toxic liquids. Once the area is
supersaturated they then create a shock wave to break apart the structure of the earth. This process continues day after day, year after year. At multiple well sites they go down and then out horizontally (sideways). They will soak areas of the earth larger than small cities.  It involves tens of millions of gallons of toxic liquids at each site. These toxins can never be recalled or taken back. It destroys organisms. The consequences of this are unknown. It could alter the life cycle of humanity.

They say it is mostly water. What I flush down my toilet is mostly water. They use dangerous, toxic fluids. In a relatively short period of time they will inject into a single well site the equivalent of the full septic tanks of more than ten thousand homes.

Some of what follows may include things that could be considered my opinion. You can decide for yourself. Oil companies use diagrams to explain their case. They show you how the earth is structured. These diagrams are oversimplified cartoon like drawing. The structure of the earth is far more complex than they show. The earth also moves and changes over time. The diagrams are designed to hide the dangers from you. These liquids creep and migrate. They have no clue how far it will go over time. It has the potential to leave entire geographic regions with poison water and earth, forever. The methane released by fracking may not follow the anticipated path to be captured. There can be spills and blow-backs.This is about cool little diagrams making us believe that we understand the process. It is about devious and deceitful people using these presentation tools to confuse you, steal your wealth and rob you of your birthright. The earth does not belong to them, it belongs to us. Just because they draw lines on maps and say this is my county, my state, my city does not make it true. It is ours. It belongs to us. People were elected to represent us. I have not seen or heard one single politician speak up for us. Some are holding out for “a better deal.” The politicians say it is safe if properly controlled. They say this because it is a talking point they were given, not because they know it’s true. In reality they have no clue. In my opinion an honest politician would never vote to permit fracking. Future generations, cursed with a contaminated earth, will label these politicians with some very nasty names. They can forget about their legacy.

Please write or phone your local, state and national representatives and senators. Ask them to please stop fracking.