It is silly season. These windbag, do nothing, know nothing politicians try to divide us and put us against one another. The problem with these idiots is: They are us and we are them. We the people are those guys and gals.

Yes I have a political view, but I will not share that here. This Blog is for everyone, everywhere. I love you all. I have a religious view also. I am not selling that here either. It may show up in my words and phrases, but that is because my beliefs determine who I am to some degree.

A man of great faith, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said that faith is not about believing the unbelievable, but it is about living your life according to your beliefs regardless of the consequences. I believe that he was a good guy. Terrorists who blow themselves up to kill others are also men and women of great faith. I believe those are bad people. If I was born and raised in their land I would be one of them too. Don’t kid yourself into believing that you would be better than that.

The only weapon that will destroy evil and save us all is love. Here is my part: I love you all.

We are all the same. We need something to do, something to look forward to and someone to love. We all have the same feelings and emotions. I read those things somewhere and it rings true to me.

Many religious leaders and politicians are a negative force in the human experience. Please do all you can to take away their power over us. It is always bad, never good. Remember, they are us.

Here, in the US of A, we are everyone. That was the dream. Let us make it so. We can’t make war on the Iranians. We are Iranian. We shouldn’t go there and bomb the crap out of the friends and families of Americans. The people in Iran do not hate us. Just say no to war.

We are humanity. We must unite in truth to fight the dark forces of tyrannical control. We will be victorious. We cannot fail. Humanity is at risk. . . Victoria Veritas

Rules of life:
Life is tough. It’s even tougher when you are stupid . . . John Wayne
Just don’t do anything stupid . . . Daniel Negreanu, a really good poker player
Never trust the government . . . Screaming man T Shirts

My faith is in a God revealed to me by the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. I am filled with love, hope, joy and gratitude.

Because I expressed my faith, I might be labeled a terrorist by the U.S. Government. Because I believe in personal liberty, I might be labeled a terrorist by the U.S. Government. Returning veterans might be labeled as terrorists by the U. S. Government. According to the recent National Defense Authorization Act anyone labeled a terrorist can be arrested and put away indefinitely with no due process and no constitutional rights.

Do you think this only applies to the bad guys? Who decides? A politician, that’s who. Remember, they are us.

Have you heard of a big bank banker going to jail for the fraud that caused people to lose their jobs, their homes and their retirement? They got bailed out and gave themselves huge bonuses.

It is up to us. Please do all you can to take away their power over us. Remember, they are us. If that does not scare you then nothing will.